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Bed marking

Clean or unclean? Just mark it!

Medical handholds

Erector or Erector stop

Special products & Module assembly

Why us

We have been manufacturing and selling plastic parts made of various materials worldwide for over 60 years. Including our own program with approved and certified medical products, "white goods" and technical parts.

We regularly process all common technical plastics (filled and unfilled) such as ABS, PA6, PC, PE (LD / HD), POM, PP, PS, PVC (hardness range ShoreA-60 to 80), TPE.

We take over your tools and guarantee quality and timely delivery at a fair price.

We are at your side right from the start, both in production and development. From the idea to the finished product. You can also leave your tools to us for repair or maintenance.

Years of experience
Generations of tradition

Metal goods

We are able to deliver the metal goods you need to match your product. Whether rollers, pull latches, locking fittings: you will find a solution with us.


ABS, PA6, PC, PE (LD / HD), POM, PP, PS, PVC (hardness range ShoreA-60 to 80), TPE.

contract manufacturing

We take over your injection molding tools on fair terms and manufacture as required.


Feel free to contact us for the production of prototypes. This also belongs in our portfolio.

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